CineLine Cable Cam

CineLine Cable Cam

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Picture Factory's 2-point cablecam is a modular wireless system that works perfectly with our DJI Ronin 2 and can reach speeds up to 50MPH.

The system and operators won an Emmy award in 2018 for the remote broadcast of ESPN's coverage of the US Open Tennis.

  • Point to Point System

  • Wireless System

  • Encoded System with Soft Stops 

  • Live Broadcast Capabilities

  • Live HD video downlink

  • Wireless Intercom System

  • 1-Pilot, 1-Camera Operator

  • Redundant safety systems

  • Easily Transported Worldwide


Max. Speed: 50MPH

Min. Speed: 18" per minute

Max. Payload: 50 lbs.

Max Rope span: 1100'

Trolley Length: 44"