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Providing up to 30' of reach the Triangle Pro is lightweight and easy to transport. The arm is made up of 3' sections. Available lengths are: 6', 9', 12', 15’, 18', 21’, 24' and 30'. Our triangle jibs utilize a mitchell plate adapter allowing us to use any of the remote heads we carry. We have the option of providing the Jimmy Jib tripod base, which is lightweight & portable, or our Egripment dolly base that provide more stable/rigid support, plus the ability to utilize standard dolly track.


Reach: 6' - 30'

Overall operational length: 6' - 38'

Max. nose load @ 30': 50 lbs

Max. Lens height: 35'

Dolly width: 2'4"

Dolly Length: 4'

Working crane weight @ 30': 825 lbs

Operational space needed: 9' radius

Power: 110 vac or 24 vdc batteries

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