Providing up to 30' of reach the Triangle is lightweight and easy to transport. The arm is made up of 3' sections. Most common length are: 6', 9', 12', 18', 24' and 30'. The Triangle can support a variety of remote heads and cameras . Our triangle can be used with the Jimmy Jib head or by utilizing our mitchell plate adapter we can also use many of the other remote heads we carry. We also have the option of providing the Jimmy Jib tripod base, which is lightweight & portable, or one of our other Egripment dolly bases that provide more stable/rigid support, plus the ability to utilize standard dolly track.

Reach: 6' - 30'

Overall operational length: 6' - 38'

Max. nose load @ 30': 50 lbs

Max. Lens height: 35'

Dolly width: 2'4"

Dolly Length: 4'

Working crane weight @ 30': 825 lbs

Operational space needed: 9' radius

Power: 110 vac or 24 vdc batteries