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The Supertechno 30 is the standard for telescopic arms. It Includes the speed box and 3-axis capable Z-Head and can support any other remote head, 3D-camera setup or heavy load without worry. This is the workhorse of the telescopic arms, equally capable outdoors, on a stage, or any location.


Reach: 7' - 30'

Telescopic range: 23’

Overall operational length: 16' - 39'

Max. nose load: 80 lbs

Max. lens height: 30'

Min. chassis height: 6'11"

Dolly width: 4.6'

Dolly length: 5.6'

Approx. working crane weight: 2700 lbs

Operational space needed: 8' radius

Dolly Track available

Power: 110 vac

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